January 13, 2011

The secret of dying ....."LIVING"

The only true promise of life  is death!!
yes,this is the only truth that pertains to all beings ,regardless of all factors that separates,divides and differentiates them. Everyone will die, one day!! Death is the leveler.
when i come to think of this....i wonder why can't we people stop worrying about future and start living in the moment!!
why is worrying so easy and living so difficult?why is hating so easy and loving so difficult!! 
why is it to easy to give pain to others and loving your own so difficult.!!

Start living in the present,try to appreciate the little things in life,try helping a needy everyday!! genuinely smile at people,try saying "love you" to the people who mean something to you, watch the sunrise, take inspiration from it to light everyones life with your own light,and when you watch the sunset just remember that like the sun you will not get a chance to be useful to others once the sun of your life sets in!!

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  1. written very well ! Would love to hear more from you.